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December 30, 2020by Adam Smith0

Recently,  waxy oils and concentrates have gained popularity in legalized states. Therefore, many brands have come up with portable wax pens that are highly capable of handling these oils and concentrates. 

Finding your ideal portable wax pen for oils and concentrates can be tough as they are so many of them. Below are some of the best rated portable wax pens that can give you an incredible vaping experience.

List of best Portable Wax Pens

  1. Utilian 5.

With its 1500 mAh battery, 2 coils, and 4 heat settings, Utilian 5 is absolutely one of the best portable wax pens for oils and concentrates. The wax pen features a power button, which you rapidly click on up to 5 times to turn on its battery. It also has an airflow adjustment, which helps you customize your draws.

To load the wax pen with oils and concentrate, you take off the mouthpiece and directly place a little of the wax concentrate on the coil. With the mouthpiece restored, you can take your hits, while holding the power button pressed.

The 4 heat/ voltage settings on the Utilian 5 allow you to personalize the amount of clouds or favor you need. The settings are 2.2 V, 2.4 V, 2.6 V, and 2.8 V. Setting the wax pen at 2.8 V will give you more cloudy vapor but less flavorful than setting it at 2.2 V.

The Utilian 5 is sleek and well built. Its atomizers utilize porous ceramic rods that suck the oils and concentrate. This sucking minimizes wastage of the oils and concentrates and improves the quality of the vapor produced.

  1. Focus V Carta.

Focus V Carta features four temperature settings. However, it allows you to vary the temperature using an app that you can have installed on your smartphone. 

The portable wax vaporizers create an amazing smooth vapor. It features a bubbler, filled that cleans and cools down the vapor before it reaches you. The user manual of Focus V Carta requires you to refill the wax pen with a small amount of water before you start using it.

Focus V Carta is also packaged with a borosilicate carb cap, a Type C USB charger, 18350 batteries, carrying case, wax chamber, cleaning kit, and two heating buckets (quartz and titanium).

Each of the batteries that come with the package hold 1200mAh. If one of them discharges fully while using the portable wax pen, you can easily replace it. With the type C charger, you can charge any of them on the go.

Focus V Carta is bigger and bulkier than some of the portable wax pens for oils and concentrates on the list. Nevertheless, its carrying case makes it easily portable. 

  1. Linx Blaze.

Immediately you touch the Linx Blaze,  you will notice that it is a premium portable wax pen for oils and concentrates. Its stainless steel finish is very captivating. The package of the wax pens includes a battery, a ceramic atomizer, a quartz atomizer, a glass mouthpiece, a magnetic mouthpiece, a USB charger, a dab tool, and a carrying case.

Although the Linx Blaze creates less sizeable clouds, both atomizers of the wax pen create vapor with top-notch flavor.

The battery of the Linx Blaze has a capacity of 900 mAh. With the micro USB charger in the package, you can recharge the battery in about two hours.

Linx Blaze weighs only 76 g and it is small enough that you can completely cover it up in your closed fist. 

The single button operation on the Linx Blaze makes it very user-friendly. The only materials you need to clean this portable wax pen is isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs.

  1. Ares Honey Straw.

The Ares Honey Straw is another high-quality portable wax pen from Linx that you can use to vape/ dab your oils and concentrates. It features a ceramic plate atomizer and four distinct temperature settings that allow you to control the heating up of the atomizer. 

The brushed aluminum finish on the Ares Honey Straw is very eye-catching. The portable wax pen utilizes magnetic connection technology to hold the mouthpiece and the caps of the heating element in place. 

Key takeaway.

All portable wax pens for oils and concentrates have three core components: a battery, a heating chamber/ atomizer, and a mouthpiece. However, their correct usage usually varies from brand to brand. Therefore, you should always read the user’s guide of your ideal portable wax pen.


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