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August 17, 2022by adam Smith0

Wax pens are becoming more popular as concentrates become more prevalent. The following pointers that any wax pen owner should be aware of and adhere to have the best vaping experience. 

  • All You Need to Know About Vape Wax: 

Do not overpack the wax coil 

We understand what you’re thinking. You want to be able to vape for an extended period without constantly reapplying wax to the heating coils, right? Overpacking to avoid reapplying wax during the same vaping session can result in a sticky, waxy overflow. 

Wax bubbles can expand when heated, implying that an overpacked vape coil (wax atomizer) will overflow the heating chamber. This creates a sticky mess on your pen and can obstruct, making vaping difficult or impossible. 

Avoiding overpacking is essential if you want to minimize messes and extend the life of your wax pen and heating coils. However, if you’re going to vape the wax for an extended period, use it a bit, frequently reapplying wax to the coils. 

Variable voltage wax pens are king 

Not all vape waxes are created equal. Some of the tastiest flavors are produced at different temperatures. This implies that if your wax pen has one heat setting, you are severely limiting the types of wax you can vape and the tastes the wax can produce.  

Even the same wax can yield a broad range of scents when heated to different temperatures. Some wax pens only have a few temperature options (low, medium, and high). However, others allow for precise voltage and heat changes, enabling you to get the exact flavor you want from your wax.  

To enjoy your time vaping buy dab pens, which will have a temperature gauge on an LED screen, making it considerably easier to achieve the correct heat. You probably want to get the most bang for your buck out of both the wax and the vape pen you use, and checking to see if your pen has a variable voltage setting before a purchase can be an intelligent decision.  

Leave the wax pen upright after vaping 

When wax concentrates are vaporized, they are melted from their solid state to a liquid state, allowing them to evaporate. If you do not store your vape pen upright, you put it at risk of spilling wax and causing a massive mess.  

Unlike standard vape oils, when wax drips from the vape pen, it hardens, creating a goopy, sticky, difficult-to-clean mess. It can also flow upwards into the pen’s vapor route or other airways, blocking your pen and making future vaping sessions difficult.  

Only pack wax when you plan to vape 

Your heating chamber and wax coils should not serve as a container for wax. Vaping everything you carry keeps the chamber clean and decreases the chance of spills and mishaps if you fail to put your pen upright.  

Not leaving wax in the heating chamber enhances the life of your coils and makes routine cleaning much easier. The heating chamber of any wax pen is not intended to be a permanent wax container and should not be used as one. 

Keep excess wax coils 

Even the costliest, high-end wax pens will eventually require new vape coils. Coils ultimately fail for a variety of causes throughout time. There could be electrical issues or faults, the coils could wear out from continuous usage, or you could be changing concentrates, and the taste and seasoning from the prior use will be difficult to remove. 

You should always keep spare coils available to ensure that your vaping experience is not disrupted. Another advantage of having spare coils is having coils built from various materials.  

Different materials provide different flavors from the same wax. Titanium and ceramic are common materials, and each has advantages and disadvantages in terms of heat retention and flavor production. Having several on hand can allow you to experience your wax entirely differently. 

Keep the vapor pathway clear 

Even if you follow the instructions strictly, waxy residue will accumulate within the vape pen over time. It’s just the nature of smoking wax. However, regular cleaning will help keep the vapor stream clear and prevent it from becoming a massive job due to complete, thick obstruction.  

Depending on the vape pen model you have, you can do a few things to keep residue from accumulating too quickly. However, many vape pens are compatible with filter screens, which help prevent residue from entering the vapor path.  

Others have unique mouthpieces that are readily detachable and cleaned, comparable to some mouthpieces on dry herb vaporizers. Pieces that you can soak in a cleaning solution are great. Any wax pen that contains pieces that can be readily removed and soaked is meant to last longer and be cleaned more easily. 

Whatever method you use to maintain the vapor channel clear, follow the manufacturer’s directions on keeping the passage clear and your pen clean regularly. 


These outlined steps will ensure that you have the greatest wax vaping experience possible. They will assist in keeping your vape pen clean and reduce messes, extend the life of your pen and coils, and make routine cleaning and maintenance much easier. These techniques will save you money by allowing you to properly care for your wax and even experience the finest that your vape has to offer. 


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