Cannabis4 Things You Must Know Before Select Cannabis Packaging.

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Due to the miraculous benefits of the substance, cannabis packaging products are now everywhere in the market. From the treat candies to oil and ointments, the business for cannabis and marijuana is now thriving in the market. When it comes to packaging these products, the process is never an easy one as these products are subject to FDA’s packaging requirements. Cbd packaging is specially designed with cardboard materials to meet the precise requirements of the products. The material is perfect in its functional nature and can serve the businesses to design the packaging in one of a kind shapes and sizes according to the requirements of products in addition to endless printing options available.

An Overview

Packaging for all sorts of products matters a lot as it serves the product manufacturers with the ultimate and matchless medium to ensure the integrity of their products by keeping the risks of damage and contamination away from the products with greater efficacy. At the initial stages, the packaging designs using for the products only consider to the protective barrier for the goods. Helping to keep the risks of damage away from the products.

The printing and customization techniques available for the traditional packaging designs were also ineffective and lacked. The charm to hook the consumers. But the advanced packaging designs now available in the market are more like a complete package. To elevate the reach of the businesses. The new packaging designs used in the market are perfect for helping businesses. Elevate their reach as they can customize in any desire shape and size, along with endless printing and customization options.

Why does this design matter?

Packaging, in simple words, is the ultimate companion for the businesses that help them to elevate both the protection and promotion of their products. When it comes to CBD-infused products and marijuana extracts, the packaging design used for the products matter. Even more, as it serves to not only ensure the integrity of the goods but also to make the products compliant with the law. Cannabis products are highly sensitive in nature as they are damage-prone to external factors such as dust. Mishandling, physical knocking, moisture, air, sunlight, and bundles of other factors may result in the product being useless.

It is always important for marketers to use the highest quality premium packaging designs that are functional and protective in nature. Cbd packaging now using in the industry that manufacturing of high-quality materials such as cardboard and Kraft that are customizable to a matchless extend and can serve the businesses in the most premium manner. Businesses can use the customization options to precisely manufacture the packaging according to the protective requirements in addition to the printing options that serve in the communicative and promotional efforts. The packaging design is also important for ensuring the proper sales of products in the market by making the product compliant with the law.

Requirements for Cannabis Packaging

CBD products are different from other products in the market as they contain small traces of THC.  Which is psychedelic in nature.  Although the concentration of THC in CBD is close to 0.03 %. Which is not addictive, according to the Food and Drugs Act of 1906. Marketers have to ensure the compliance of a product by following special guidelines related to the labeling and design of the packaging. From the use of special labels and warning instructions to using the child safety locks on the bottles, here are some of the practices that are essential to minimize the risks of legal actions and to ensure the proper supply of the products.

Use of child safety lock

Due to the psychedelic nature of the substance, these products are not suitable for consumers under 18. And it is always stressful to use the child safety lock on these bottles in an attempt to keep the risks of product falling in the hands of children minimum. These locks use on the lids of bottles and are highly effective for keeping the product away from the kids. They are pressure-based and doesn’t open with a simple rotating action. The end consumer has to put pressure on the lid and then rotate in an attempt to access the substance. These locks are the basic standard enforced by FDA for CBD substances.


Labeling requirements

As we know that CBD is not like other retail products in the market, marketers can’t simply label these products . With the design of their choice.  Although they can select any desired graphics for the promotional process. The basic outline for the labeling still has to be compliant with the standards by the FDA. The elements that are essential for highlighting on the CBD packaging are.

  • Product identity that what the product is all about
  • The potency of the active substance in each dose or serving of the CBD
  • Clear usage instructions on how to consume or apply the product
  • Applications of the substance
  • Handling instructions for storing the product in an optimal way
  • Clear labeling about the substance of whether the cannabis is isolate, broad-spectrum, or full spectrum.
  • The purity level of the extract (it is one of the most important information that should state in bold fonts as 99.5 % .The substance usually contains traces of THC . That is psychedelic in nature while the 99.9 % CBD extract is considering to  purest)
  • Information related to the batch information of the product when it produces. Its expiration date, and other sorts of information. The information is not only essential for the consumers but also helps the businesses to maintain their proper catalog.

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