CBDWhat liquids can you put in a vape pen?

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A vape pen presents an easy, fast, classy, and discreet way to vape liquid concentrates. The devices are also safer when compared to other ways of ingesting concentrates, including smoking.

Usually, a vape pen consists of three core parts:

  1. A battery.
  2. A chamber/ tank.
  3. A mouthpiece.

The battery powers the atomizer or coil, found in the chamber, which heats up and vaporizes the liquid concentrate. The other purpose of the chamber is to hold the liquid concentrates for vaporization. A vape pen’s mouthpiece presents a channel for you to efficiently inhale the vapor. In some vape pens , the mouthpiece also allows for cooling of the vapor.

Below are some of the liquid concentrates that you can put in a vape pen’s chamber/  tank or cartridge.

  1. CBD oil.

CBD vape oil/ juice/ e-liquid is perhaps the most vaped liquid. The liquid concentrate is made of Cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid that is renowned for its numerous health and wellness benefits plus non-psychoactive activities.

Some of the benefits that you can get from vaping CBD oil include:

  • Relief from different forms of pain, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, chronic pain, muscle pains, spinal cord injuries, and MS pain.
  • Reduction in the levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms.
  • Anti-seizure properties. 
  • Neuroprotective properties.
  • Relief from Insomnia and improving the quality of sleep.

With a vape pen and CBD oil, you can experience any of these benefits in an instant. The CBD from vape pens is directly absorbed into the blood circulation in the lungs; thus, the process is speedy. 

Many states have legalized the production, possession, and usage of CBD oil; hence, its high usage.

  1. THC oil.

THC is the most abundant Cannabinoid in the profile of the Cannabis plant. Like CBD, Vaping THC oil/ e-liquid can offer you several health benefits including relief from:

  • Insomnia
  • Muscle spasticity.
  • Glaucoma
  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Low appetite.

Unfortunately, it is illegal to use, own, or produce THC products beyond some limits across many states. The limit in the US alone is not more than 0.3% while the limit in Europe is not more than 0.2%. The set limits are attributed to the high psychoactive properties of THC (the cannabinoid is very likely to get you high when vaped).

  1. Nicotine E-liquid.

Nicotine is a stimulant that is usually found in tobacco. Compared to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, Nicotine E-liquid in a vape pen is safer. Smoking involves combustion which releases harmful toxic gases that you can inhale, including carbon monoxide. On the other hand, a vape pen vaporizers the Nicotine E-liquid instead of combusting the concentrate. In the process, the device eliminates the toxic gases released when smoking.

  1. Dabs/ wax concentrates.

Dabs/ wax concentrates are a thicker form of liquid that you can put in a vape pen. These liquid concentrates require a unique type of vape pens to vaporize them called dab pens.

Dab pens have the ability to heat up to high temperatures, enough to vaporize the thick wax/ dabbing concentrate.

How to use a vape pen.

Vape pens exist in two major categories:

  • Pre-filled vape pens – they come with their tanked filled with the liquid concentrate. Usually, pre-filled vape pens are disposed of after the liquid in their tanks gets exhausted.
  • Refillable vape pens. -they can either come with their tank empty or filled with the liquid concentrate. Their standout feature is that their tank can be refilled numerously, reused, and still deliver a great performance.

Vape pens vary in shape, size, and some are designed to vaporize a specific type of liquid. Therefore, you may encounter a slight variation in the usage of a vape pen. Nevertheless, there are some common practices you should apply when using any vape pen. They include:

  1. Ensure the vape pen is fully charged. Disruptions to your vaping experience due to the battery running low are very annoying.
  2. Ensure you put enough liquid in the vape pen that can match your dosage.
  3. Start slow as you work your way up to the optimal dose. Having small puffs and about two-minute intervals between hits allows you to monitor the effect of the liquid concentrate on your body.


Since some vape pens are designed to vaporize a specific liquid concentrate, you should always ensure you put the correct liquid into your vape pen. For example, you can find vape pens meant CBD oil only or Nicotine E-liquid.


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