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What could be more beautiful than to crisscross the expanses of water, to admire the marine fauna and flora. However, for this you need to know how to swim. And not just swimming, but swimming underwater – with confidence and grace. Some people face such a problem as the inability to sink to the bottom. They just float on the surface. Others cannot open their eyes underwater. Still others usually hold their breath for only 10 seconds, after which the smell of their oxygen ends. How to overcome all these difficulties and learn to swim underwater with lifeguard class near me.

How to smell water

To learn to swim underwater, you must be able to feel the water. These simple exercises will help you feel more confident in the water. It is best to perform them in a pool or in shallow water. In any situation, you should feel the bottom. You cannot train in a river with a strong current – it can be dangerous.

The first exercise aims to make you feel how water pushes the human body towards the surface. To do this, go waist-deep in the water. Draw more air into your chest, and sit down, hugging your knees. After a while your body will begin to rise and soon your shoulders will be on the surface. If you feel out of breath, just get back on your feet.

The next exercise is aimed at getting rid of the fear of water contact with the face. Simply lie face down on the surface of the water. When exercising, you need to lie on the surface of the water, like a jellyfish.

The next exercise is called “asterisk”. It is similar to the previous one. But you need to lie down not, but face up. You should feel the water, how well it holds a person to the surface. In this position, you can even breathe calmly.

The next exercise is more practical to do in the pool. You just need to start pushing sideways with your feet and moving. This will teach you how to change position in the water.
Most athletes who dive tens of meters deep say that you have to fight fear in shallow water. The gradual immersion will literally make you feel like a fish in water.

How to learn to dive

Most of those who dream of learning to swim underwater do not take into account that they must first learn to dive. After all, if you just lie on the surface of the water. You won’t be able to dive to the depths. So how do you learn to dive?

The best way to learn to dive is in the pool. You need to start from the side of the pool itself, and then, if desired, move to towers of different heights. Stand right next to it, bend over. Then point your hands into the water and push your body to jump. You must enter the water with your hands forward. Remember to take a deep breath before doing this. To go as far as possible, you have to push with your feet.

Diving in a natural reservoir is not very convenient

Since there is no rim. We will have to jump from one place and learn to dive in shallow water. You cannot dive in little-known places, especially from a cliff, a stone ledge, a steep embankment. In such cases, you can lose consciousness and choke – this is very dangerous.

 Several intense training sessions

After which diving will be easy and even fun. However, this alone is not enough to be able to swim underwater.

Apnea is one of the main conditions of scuba diving. How long you can stay underwater without breathing depends on how much oxygen your body can store. And the supply of oxygen, in turn, depends on the volume of the lungs and the rate of consumption of this oxygen. Draw as much air into the chest as possible, trying to increase this volume each time. You can train with a hot air balloon. Fill it up in a few breaths, then inhale as much air as you can from the balloon into your lungs. So you can clearly see the amount of oxygen inhaled.

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