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An array of marijuana seeds has dominated the industry nowadays. Growers and breeders have been progressively coming up with various breeds of cannabis seeds of higher quality. Through research and experiments, seed banks and breeders have drastically changed and improved the marijuana seeds available today. As a result, this article will take you through the various types of marijuana seeds that are available today. 

Types Of Marijuana Seeds 

Before buying any marijuana seeds, you must determine a few things initially: what exactly you want, where you will grow it, and your primary aim. There are different seed banks and breeders available that allow you to buy marijuana seeds by visiting their farm or premises or ordering online. However, the following are the different varieties of marijuana seeds you need to know. 

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Indica Seeds 

Indica strains are unique and have an optimum yield. Compared to sativa seeds, indica seeds are more productive and they grow faster. One of the significant advantages of indica seeds is that they grow very dense buds, making them prone to mold, mainly when grown in humid and hot areas. Indica seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors and have a shorter height, so they need smaller spaces to grow their making. 

Sativa Seeds 

Due to their tropical and exotic flavors, sativa seeds are popular among marijuana growers. However, they are less productive than Indica seeds, and sativa seeds are among the marijuana seeds you can consider growing. Their buds are spongy and airy, giving them excellent resistance to mold and humidity.  

In addition, Sativa seeds have a higher THC level and more excellent mental and energetic effects. However, you cannot grow sativa seeds indoors or on the balcony due to their height and the space required to develop effectively. They also need a pruning technique to modify their vertical growth horizontally.   

Regular Seeds 

Regular seeds were the first seeds to be used in growing cannabis. One of their unique features is that they can grow into male and female plants. The male plant is responsible for producing pollen that the females can use to produce seeds, which can give rise to new plants. The male plants also produce flowers. However, a pollinated female plant produces poor-quality buds full of seeds.  

To prevent such occurrences, you must identify the male plant and eliminate them. In cases where the male plants are more than the female, you are likely to have lower and poor yields. 

Hemp Seeds 

The hemp seeds are also known as industrial hemp. They have a lower THC level, meaning the CBD content is high. They are the best for extracting CBD and producing products to use for therapeutic purposes. However, CBD seeds provide higher CBD levels as compared to Hemp Seeds.

Feminized Seeds 

Feminized seeds have been modified to limit them to growing female plants only- which can produce flowers. Feminizing a marijuana seed is tedious, long, and complex, involving experiments to ensure the seed maintains its stability and consistency. However, improved technology guarantees the process and fewer chances of growing a male plant. 

Auto-Flowering Seeds 

After some growing weeks, the Auto-flowering seeds are auto-programmed to enter the flowering period. Auto-flowering seeds are easy to grow and can develop with a few days of exposure to sunlight. They are resistant to light pollution, so their growth cannot be affected by the interruption of their light requirement. Plus, they need little attention, so they are perfect for people with less time to dedicate to their plant or those with less experience growing marijuana seeds.  

Nevertheless, if you wish to increase its yield, you must provide them with proper care. Auto-flowering seeds are produced through cross-breeding feminized or regular seeds with ruderalis seeds. Such cross-breeding allows these seeds a shorter life cycle, which is more resistant and can produce flowers under any circumstance. Once your seeds germinate, you can harvest your plant for twelve weeks. The best part about auto-flowering seeds is that they grow indoors and outdoors. 

Hybrid Seeds 

Hybrids seeds are produced as a result of cross-breeding different genetics, mostly indica and sativa genetics, aiming to improve them. Hybridization is usually aimed at shortening the flowering period of the strain while at the same time enhancing its yield and resistance and improving the exotic flavor and aroma.  

However, seed banks and breeders are constantly trying to develop new varieties and offer the best possible seeds to satisfy the users. Hybrid seeds are typically two phenotypes brought together to give rise to a different plant with unique features but the same genes. Therefore, breeders and seed banks must choose the best strains to meet their client’s goals and needs.   


Seeds banks and breeders have consistently tried to come up with unique and exciting marijuana seeds you can always consider. If you have no experience growing marijuana, always ask for advice on how to grow and manage the seed you are considering from any experienced breeder.   




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