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If you are into dabbing or love dabbing, it is important that you buy the right rig to enjoy dabbing. Besides, the aesthetic appeal of dab rigs is what makes dabbing fun for dabbers. Moreover, how smooth you can take the dab out of your dab rig is what also makes dabbing fun for dabbers. In addition, it is also important that you choose the right dab rig in the USA for dabbing. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy dabbing to the fullest. You can also buy dab rigs online today and even from Canadian smoke shops that ship smoking paraphernalia to the USA. Further, Shop Rite is a smoke shop that also ships smoking devices and accessories to the USA besides Canada.  

We shall also tell you about choosing the right rig for dabbing. Before we do, we shall like to tell you what a dab rig is and what it can do for you.

What Is a Dab Rig?

Choosing the right dab rig is essential to make your dabbing session successful and relaxing. Dab rigs are the instruments that smokers use to inhale cannabis concentrates, wax, budder, or oil. Moreover, you cannot take a dab via traditional water pipes or bongs. Dabbing requires a different set of tools and a bowl piece. The difference between a dab rig and a traditional water pipe is that a dab rig has a nail. On the other hand, you can easily modify water pipes while replacing the flower bowl with a dome or a glass adapter. Moreover, you can also enjoy dabbing on the go with the aid of an electric dabber pen. 

Choosing the Right Dab Rig

Similar to glass pieces, a dab rig is quite an investment. You will also want to make sure you are getting the right rig while you are spending money on it. Besides, you will want to get your hands on a rig that suits your style, personality, use, and budget. You can get your hands on the right dab rig while considering the following things:

Choose a Dab Rig That You Can Keep for Longer:

It doesn’t matter whether you dab daily or once in a while. What matters is that you spend money on a dab rig in the USA that suits your lifestyle. Many people buy expensive devices for dabbing; however, they don’t use them often. In addition, they buy tiny devices for dabbing that need regular cleaning. Instead, you should invest your money in a rig that you can keep up with you for a long period. Thus, make sure you are exactly buying a dab rig that suits your needs perfectly.

Don’t Give Importance to the Size:

A small rig won’t diminish the effect of your cannabis concentrates. In fact, small dab rigs give vapour less time to cool and condense back into its oily and viscous form. Further, smaller dab rigs are also easier to store and hide than larger dab rigs.

Buy a Good Torch:

Handheld torches offer the balance between industrial blow torches and gas station torch lighters. In addition, buying a top-notch torch is much better for dabbing than buying a cheap one. Cheap torches do not usually last for longer and don’t get hot as good torches. Buying a good torch will save you a lot of time to dab alongside frustration when you set up your dab. 

Nail Is Equally Important as the Rig:

Nail is something that you will use more often than not while dabbing your concentrates. Dabbers heat, reheat, remove, and replace nails to enjoy dabbing. For the same reason, dabbers usually choose titanium or quartz nails for dabbing instead of glass nails. Both quartz and titanium nails are acceptable; however, titanium nails are more durable and heat up more quickly. You will find many nails in different styles, sizes, and shapes in reputable smoke shops online. Thus finding and buying the right nail for dabbing won’t take much of your time. 

Choose a Rig That Depicts Your Style:

You will find truly amazing glass rigs in different styles with aesthetic appeal in online smoke shops. Therefore, you should pick and buy a rig from a smoke shop that you will love seeing, using, and displaying in your home. Don’t forget that you are spending money on the item, so choose the best rig for dabbing.


Choosing the right dab rig is essential to make sure you enjoy your dabbing session to the fullest. There are certain things you should keep in mind to buy the right dab rig in the USA from a smoke shop. Here they are:

  1. Choose a Dab Rig That You Can Keep for Longer
  2. Don’t Give Importance to the Size
  3. Buy a Good Torch
  4. Nail Is Equally Important as the Rig
  5. Choose a Rig That Depicts Your Style

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