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Cannabis massage oil is becoming famous all around for tension release and many other medical advantages. Yet, presenting this product to the market has several requirements. CBD massage oil packaging helps meet all those needs like safety, security, marketing, and presentation. These cardboard boxes flaunt the display of these boxes on embossing, die-cutting, foiling, scoring, or perforating them. The printing stage for these boxes is also given special attention. This job is done by bringing advanced offset and digital printers into practice. These printers provide a quality print layout as they are CMYK color schemes supported. Also, a cannabis brand can get them to fit the product size to exhibit professionalism. 


Experts always urge using special personalized boxes for cannabis massage oil products. There are several reasons behind their preference for this solution over other standard packaging solutions. For example, presenting the brand as a professional entity. Yet, CBD massage oil packaging could be a tough job to do for startups. Several problems with this packaging type are vital to meeting all personal and professional needs. Let’s delve into details about the problems of this packaging and their solutions. 


  • Need To Make CBD Massage Oil Packaging Sustainable

One of the prerequisites of coming into the cannabis business is staying as close to nature as possible. Thus, changing the CBD Massage Box packaging is vital and making it a less green packaging solution. The use of plastic packaging can seriously damage your firm’s reputation, and people can reject items like CBD massage oil. A way to tackle this problem is to quit using all those material that contains hazardous plastic elements in it either way. Instead, consider options like a bux board, kraft paper, and cardboard. All these materials are considered the more green materials that have no impact on nature. On the other hand, they decompose easily and are also recyclable.


  • Suppressing Products Costs To Meet The Budget Available 

A major issue that firms face in this packaging is controlling prices. It is vital to manufacturing them so prices do not shoot and exceed the available budget. It usually happens by adding luxury to this packaging to make it attractive for people. On the other hand, printing costs are also huge in this regard. A way you can control the process and still add luxury to it is going for minimalism. This concept includes optimizing the box and eliminating all unwanted sections. For example, excluding promotional materials and displaying such data over the packaging walls. Moreover, you can also replace luxury inserts with cardboard inserts while making them still attractive by coloring them. Also, the printing process becomes affordable by opting for offset printers while getting this packaging in bulk. 


  • Challenge Of Making CBD Massage Oil Packaging Secure

Safety and security are two basic needs for cannabis items. These needs become a problem to address for brands for delicate items like CBD massage oil that need added safety. Thus, it is vital to take extra measures in CBD massage boxes that could guard these items against all types of harm. Shipping is the biggest challenge for brands. Cardboard inserts will address this problem to a greater extent. Using thick cardboard sheets, you can further make it durable and increase the staking strength. It will help reduce the impact of shocks during transportation and increase its resistance against compression during stacking. Meanwhile, you can make it secure against theft by using labels over the opening flaps. It will help buyers knowing the item was opened during shipping or not. 


  • Taking Product Ergonomics Into Account During Designing 

Taking ergonomics into account for these products is the biggest challenge for brands. They have to design the CBD Massage Box packaging in a way that could entice the targeted consumers. It includes providing a cunning look to this packaging while considering the shelf impact on buyers. In addition, a firm needs to keep the buyers in a comfortable environment where they can make hassle-free purchases. You can do so by providing buyers with additional ease of reaching a final purchase decision with the addition of windows. This window will make way for them to look at the volume of the original liquid inside the bottle and other such aspects. Similarly, make the packaging easy for consumers to quickly take it out and use it in the desired way to get instant relief. 

  • Must Meet The FDA Guidelines To Avoid Legalities

All CBD items, including massage oil infused with cannabinoids, have some restrictions for selling in the market. Most FDA guidelines are about taking specific measures in the CBD massage boxes. Brands have to make it inaccessible for infants so they would not consume it accidentally while playing with them. These items contain some elements in it that are not safe for kids. Compromising this factor could put you in trouble of battling with the legalities or banning the import of such items to other targeted markets of the world. Thus, you can make it secure by adding a security button to the sides of a sleeve-style box. After applying considerable force to the button and taking the massage bottles out, the box will only open. 


  • Inevitable Need To Make It Unique From Rival Brands

The distinction of your items from the other rivals dealing in similar items is another challenge to overcome. Most of the packaging designs are approved in conference rooms of the firms without auditing the rival’s products. However, it is a completely unprofessional approach, as you could face issues later in building a brand identity. Therefore, analyze the packaging design of rivals and try to make it distinctive in both the structural and visual design layout. For example, change the box’s size, unboxing, and dimensions. Moreover, selecting custom fonts, colors, and images, along with other options, will collectively make the boxes unique. This phenomenon will guarantee more sales by leaving a mark on buyers with your special packaging that resembles no one else in the market. 



Using CBD massage oil packaging without addressing these mentioned problems would never help firms get recognition. Thus, taking serious notice of them is vital, and hiring professionals to solve them. Eliminating all these issues from the packaging design will give a brand an edge over rivals for attracting customers and getting sales.

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