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September 8, 2021by Adam Smith0

Covid-19 has spread throughout the globe since 2020,

And it is still present as of today. There’s a possibility it will still be present next year as a cure for the virus has still not been founding. However, thanks to doctors and scientists around the world, a vaccine for this highly contagious virus has emerged.

The vaccine reduces the intensity of the virus when a vaccinated individual contracts the virus. Many countries have started making it compulsory for their people to be vaccinating. However, there are still some regions that remain unvaccinated due to the shortage of vaccines.

Due to this, the Governments of various nations are trying their best to provide vaccines to the rest of the world.

Now let’s come to the topic at hand.

Due to the virus has to be contagious, cities were put on lockdown to keep the virus from spreading. The lockdown resulting in people being locking in their homes with nowhere to go outside.

This caused people’s cars to remain standing at one place as they can not be driving. In such a case, taking proper care of your vehicle is more vital than it may seem.

Our team had a discussion with some experts to understand what would happen if we leave a vehicle parked for an extended period of time. Below we have given some tips to help you maintain your car in such a situation.

Keep Your Car In Mint Condition:

Drive Once Per Week,

The battery of a car is known to drain over time. The best way to prevent a battery from discharging is to drive your car regularly.

Experts say that there are other variables that can affect the battery such as the climate, the age of a car, and whether it is parking indoors or outdoors. For instance, you just bought the Proton X70 FWD last year, and with it came a new battery.

Now you have had its parking in the garage for quite some time now due to the lockdown being imposing. The battery of this car will be in much better condition than that of a car parked outside.

Although, driving your vehicle around once a week is the best way to make sure that the battery stays in good condition, just idling your car would work too to keep the battery from dying.

Keep Every Part Of Your Car Lubricated:

Driving your brand new Proton X70 regularly not only keeps the battery charged but also prevents the engine. Other mechanical parts from dying out.

If a vehicle is left parking for a long period of time, the oil begins to settle. Fluid begins to separate, and seals will start to dry out.

This will cause significant damage to your vehicle. Taking your vehicle out for a quick ride will help your car remain lubricated. And will ensure all the moving parts are working correctly.

Helps To Avoid Flat Spot:

When your vehicle is parking for an extending period of time, the tires start to lose pressure time. And if it sits for too long, then the weight of the vehicle will cause a flat spot.

Tires with a flat spot may need to be thrown out or switch out for a new one.

Think Of Using A Trickle Charger:

A trickle charger is a device that is fixing into the walls sockets. And attach to the terminals of the vehicle’s battery. It charges the battery slowly so you can leave it charged for a long period of time.

This is a fantastic option for keeping a vehicle battery charged during the lockdown.

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